Leaders In Providing Innovative Test System Solutions

Telecom service providers today are faced with the issue of reducing economic costs in their operations while ensuring that they increase their internal and customer service expectations. These organizations, more than ever, must balance their business activities across these areas to ensure success through enhanced efficiencies In the current operational processes in place, thereby providing a high standard of service as well as maintain these services in the most streamline and cost effective manner. Enlarge picture With the increasing demand for digital subscriber line (DSL) deployment and its rising cost, service providers are demanding increased capabilities and performance in test and measurement diagnostic solutions that integrate with existing processes to reduce deployment costs and improve efficiencies in the maintainability of the DSL services.

In addition, there is a need for improvements to current methods utilized by service providers to make DSL troubleshooting more simplistic by providing analysis algorithms that are an automated and integral solution to their Operational Support Systems (OSS). This integral solution provides a complementary toolset to quickly and efficiently identify problems associated with DSL deployment, thereby reducing the overall mean time for repair on a dispatch, reducing overall costs and improving customer satisfaction.