The TSC (Test System Controller) works in concert with the other key elements of NCI's copper loop test access solutions, namely the WMU family of Test heads, traditional POTS access through a switching element and the inline-TAM Module family to enable telco personnel to perform prequalification tasks for broadband services provisioning as well as preventative maintenance for telephony and broadband services assurance.

Once a connection to the loop to be tested has been successfully established through the TSC (Test System Controller), a powerful series of measurements can be performed to assess this line's quality and determine its characteristics with the help of the NCI WMU Test Head.

With all of these key elements of NCI's portfolio working closely together telco personnel can readily prequalify access lines for advanced broadband services such ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VDSL2, prior to any service installation. This will enable telcos to respond promptly to customer requests for service provisioning and start generating additional revenues from their installed copper plant sooner.

In addition, NCI's test access solutions, under the control of the TSC (Test System Controller) enable telco maintenance personnel to quickly identify sources of problems on suspect loops and thereby help resolve actual and potential complaints and concerns from customers rapidly before they have a chance to negatively impact the telco's image and business.

  • Standard TL1 or API interface for testing functionality
  • Standard POTS analysis in accordance with GR844
  • Interoperability with: DMS10, DMS100, 5ESS, CALIX, E10B, MG9K, CS1500, UMC1000, HUAWEI (UA5000/N2000) and more
  • Automated Line Testing (Batch Testing)