The NCI-450 WMU (Wideband Measurement Unit) Test Head provides copper line diagnostics measurements from Layer 1 to 7 through a large array of testing capabilities including standard digital multi-meter tests, narrowband/wideband spectral measurements up to 30 MHz (for VDSL), golden modem capability as well as interactive telephony tests with real time data responses to a customers’ Operational Support System (OSS).

The NCI-450 WMU interfaces with remote nodes within a network for test access to traditional POTS services and has the ability to share its test resources with other elements within the node such as DSLAMs / MSANs in order to provide full test and measurement functionality up to Layer 7 on new digital services.

The product communicates via a standard TL1 interface and is environmentally hardened.

  • POTS & DSL Testing
  • DSL Prequalification
  • Interoperability with: CALIX, E10B, MG9K, HUAWEI (UA5000/N2000) and more, using the NCI Test System Controller
  • NEBS Level 3, CE and TL1 Compliant
  • Complete Service Testing