The NCI-400 and the NCI-450 WMU (Wideband Measurement Unit) Test Heads provide copper line diagnostic measurements from Layer 1 to 7 through a large array of testing capabilities including standard digital multi-meter tests, narrowband/wideband spectral measurements up to 30 MHz (for VDSL), golden modem capability as well as interactive telephony tests with real time data responses to a customers’ Operational Support System (OSS).

The WMU working together with the In-line TAM Module Family enables NCI to offer a full end-to-end metallic loop testing capability. This compact and cost-effective access testing solution is particularly well suited to the smaller line counts found in remote central office and DSLAM sites. The WMU is compatible with the various third party OSS systems used by Telcos to control their testing operations or alternatively it can be managed with the NCI TSC (Test System Controller).

The product communicates via a standard TL1 interface and is environmentally hardened.

  • POTS & DSL Testing
  • DSL Prequalification
  • Interoperability with: DMS10, DMS100, 5ESS, CS1500, UMC1000 (NCI-400)
  • Interoperability with: CALIX, E10B, MG9K, HUAWEI (UA5000/N2000) and more, using the NCI Test System Controller
  • NEBS Level 3, CE and TL1 Compliant
  • Complete Service Testing