The xDSL-RID is an advanced Remote Isolation Device installed at the customer premise demarcation point. The xDSL-RID allows Telcos to positively isolate faults to either the network or customer side remotely thereby eliminating the need to dispatch service personnel to customer locations suspected of having faults. Two key benefits of this capability are significantly lower network maintenance expenses and greatly improved and more responsive customer service.

The xDSL-RID was designed to be operated by industry standard test heads. The test head can take advantage of the xDSL-RID to isolate faults including shorts, grounds, foreign voltages and measure loop resistance, capacitance, longitudinal balance, ringer loads and ROH. The xDSL-RID can be directed to disconnect the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and transmit selectable tones from 200 Hz to 2.2 MHz back to the test head to analyze the transmission characteristics (loss, frequency response, loading, bridge taps) of the copper pair. In addition, the xDSL-RID can be directed to terminate the network pair at the demarcation point to enable wideband noise & spectral interference measurements on the network facilities.

Each xDSL-RID has a built-in electronic serial number used to verify the exact address location of the pair. The xDSL-RID remains in a completely transparent state until given a valid test command by the test system. In the idle/transparent state, the xDSL-RID is compatible with most service types and customer premise equipment.