About US

Founded in 1996, NCI Technologies is a growing and innovative electronics design, development and manufacturing company focused on automated access line testing and remote test configuration solutions. Based on their extensive experience and deep understanding of the Telco access testing and maintenance areas NCI’s team is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of compact and cost-effective products to facilitate automated and remote control of copper access loop testing for qualification, monitoring and maintenance operations with the utmost in quality.

NCI has worked over the past several years on major joint development projects with companies such as Texas Instruments, Marconi, Alcatel, Emerson and Nortel. NCI and its partners have developed comprehensive integrated access testing solution components from the controlling OSS (Operation Support System) through the test-head and remotely configurable metallic access matrix to the customer premises-located remote isolation device, to satisfy any and all of a Telcos’ automated access loop testing needs.

NCI’s vision is to become the world’s leading supplier of automated low cost, scalable remote test access, measurement and analysis systems. Suitable for the needs of any copper access loop-based service providers such as incumbent LECs and PTTs around the world, NCI’s develops compact and incrementally scalable solutions that are particularly well aligned with the needs of smaller independents or CLECs with the potential for rapid growth, for the provisioning and monitoring of their diverse services.

In collaboration with key industry solutions partners, NCI continues to expand its product lines and introduce new designs based on evolving market needs for dependable telecom and broadband access services delivery. NCI’s goal is to continue to provide access testing solutions addressing the full spectrum of Telco service offerings from traditional POTS telephony through current and emerging higher-speed xDSL offerings supporting rich-multimedia services like video telephony, conferencing/collaboration, telepresence and IPTV for both work and play.